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Non Profit Business

On Track Fishing, We are a non profit business who's aim is to help those with mental health issues get in to fishing. 
as any angler will tell you the benefits fishing can have on ones mental health is extremally beneficial. having that time on a lake gathering your thoughts and meeting new friends and like minded people is just as important as catching fish. 
We offer a range of services not only to help people and support them into the sport but can also offer equipment and mentoring to those who are suffering financial hardship due to there mental health issues. How do we make money?  We offer a range of experiences match competitions and corporate experiences to raise funds to be able to offer free services and equipment to those who would benefit the most.
We do not ask for donations of money or equipment but we already have  amazing people who are offering help and donations of which we are always grateful to receive. 
We also work very hard to receive other funding from local councils and other sources. As a non profit company we are always on the lookout for willing volunteers so please get in touch for any more  information about other types of projects we have and volunteer places.

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