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Our  Boilie range

Our Boilie range

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Introducing Our Boilie range, the ultimate fishing bait for carp and other freshwater fish. These high-quality, expertly crafted boilies are designed to entice even the most cautious of fish, with a range of irresistible flavors and aromas. Our Boilie range includes a variety of different sizes and colors to suit all types of fishing conditions, and are perfect for use in both lakes and rivers. Made with only the finest ingredients, our boilies are pre-prepared and ready to use straight out of the bag, saving you time and effort on the bank. Whether you're a novice angler or seasoned pro, Our Boilie range is the perfect choice for attracting big fish and landing your next personal best.

    Fish Meal Contains genuine premium Norwegian LT-94 fishmeal. This HNV mix now also contains our 100% soluble Acti-Fish fishmeal along side the well know CPSP90 Fishmeal. Along with our newly sourced feed stimulants.

    optimum levels formulating an excellent food source which in turn keeps the fish coming back for more as they become familiar with the nutritional value of the bait.

    Contains: Large Amount of Norwegian LT94 Fishmeal, (CPSP 90) Pre-digested Fishmeal, Actifish (100% soluble) Fishmeal, Salmon Fishmeal, CLO, and a blend of high quality Casein’s\Caseinate’s, Betaine & Egg proteins to name just a few ingredients in this mix.


    HNV Super seed base mix has been formulated from various seeds, including Meggablend, CLO and Hemp alongside milk and egg proteins to provide a valuable food source, that is suitable for year round use. The added high quality ingredients makes this HNV mix ideal for long term baiting campaigns.

    Base Mix Contains: Meggablend, CLO, Hemp Powder, Combination of high end Milk & Egg proteins


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