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Mega Session Bait bundle

Mega Session Bait bundle

Introducing our Session Bait bundle, the ultimate selection of bait for your next fishing trip. Each bundle includes a variety of proven bait options,  ensuring that you have everything you need to attract a wide range of fish species. This bundle has you covered. Our baits are specially formulated to entice even the most cautious fish, and are designed to hold up in various water conditions. With the Session Bait bundle, you'll be prepared for a successful day on the water, no matter what your fishing goals may be. Order now and experience the difference that quality bait can make.

Session Bait bundle packed with quality Hi attract quality Baits.


2kg of any flavour15mm  Boilies 

2kg spod mix of your choie

500g explosive hemp 

1x tub of Pop-ups/ wafters of your choice

1x 100ml goo of your choice.

1 xMystery Gift !

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